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Is This Adulting?

Feb 14, 2020

NSFW-While the boys have been on hiatus, they have been having a load of fun over on patreon. This is a preview of some of that good, delicious content. Hey, don't listen to this with your kids. Duh.

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Feb 14, 2020

Hey... Where is that pesky episode? Lauren? Lauren, can you tell the lovely people what's up?

Jan 9, 2020

REUNITED and it feels so goooood. Chris and Steven are back on the pod for the first time together in 2 months. Chris recaps his sabbatical, Steven finally comes clean about his last few months, and the boys lay out their plans for the next few weeks...

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Music by The...

Jan 1, 2020

Chris and Kate chat about their hopes for the new year as Jingletime comes to a close.

Dec 31, 2019

Chris is back on the show and is joined by his wife Kate to chat about 2019, and everything that comes with it.