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Is This Adulting?

Dec 31, 2017

Day Eleven is a monumental one. This is the premiere of the First Annual Adulties. These are our awards for the podcast year, and not nearly as filthy as the name suggests…

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Dec 30, 2017

Steven and Chris are joined once more for day 10 by Kate 1 and Kate 2 to talk about Holidays without loved ones. This is gonna be a tough one this year.

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Dec 29, 2017

For day 9, the guys are joined by Steven’s longtime friend Liz to play a round of “The Price is Whaaaaat??” and then get a little Bean-boozled.

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Dec 28, 2017

Its day 8 and Chris and Steven are doing another bracket challege! This time, they will be finding out which holiday song reigns supreme!

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Dec 27, 2017

Day 7 sees the conclusion of the epic two-part Jingletime D&D adventure. Will Scorching Raymond and Marynn save Jingletime? Based on their track record, probably not…

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