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Is This Adulting?

Nov 29, 2018

Riley Silverman (@rileyjsilverman) drops by the show this week to chat with Steven. With the game master out for the week, the conversation turns to good cover songs, bad cover songs, and the best lessons we have learned in the last year. 

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Recommendation: The Sawbones Book

Nov 22, 2018

Cecil Baldwin (@CecilBaldwinIII), the voice of Night Vale Community Radio on Welcome to Night Vale (@NightValeRadio) stops by the show this week for a Turkey Day chat. A new game appears for the first and last time, The gang gives Thanksgiving the Tinder treatment, and they discuss adjusting to life after a loss. 


Nov 15, 2018

Tracy Gibbons (@tracysaur) of The Broadswords (@TheBroadswords) returns to the show. This episode was recorded about a month ago while the gang was very tired, so buckle up. Get ready to meet Terry the Dominos hermit, find out how we prepare for big events, and witness the debut of our favorite song! 

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Nov 8, 2018

Caldwell Tanner (@caldy) of Not Another D and D Podcast (@NADDpod) and Drawfee (@drawfeeshow) joins the guys to discuss the important things. Steven loses a hard-fought battle, Chris pens a new song, and Caldwell introduces us to the finer points of Naughty Breakfast. 

Podcast recommendation: Ear Biscuits

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Nov 1, 2018

Caroline Ely (@carolinesfarts) calls in to the show this week to chat with the guys. Steven talks about his rough week, Chris asks the gang "How Much?", and Caroline sets a new ITA record in our game! 

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Recommendation: Not Another D&D Podcast