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Is This Adulting?

Aug 29, 2019

The Anxiety Road trip comes to an end this week with one of the most wonderful humans we have had the pleasure to know. Do you like wrestling? Do you like bad country songs? How about cats? WE'VE GOT A SHOW FOR YOU!

Music by The Collection

Recommendation: Mindhunter

Aug 22, 2019

Riley Silverman (@RileyJSilverman) sits down with the boys to talk about her D&D adventures and all of the 90s sitcoms you forgot that you loved! 

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Recommendation: 22 Hours-An American Nightmare

Aug 15, 2019

Ryan Copple (rwcopple) joins the boys to chat about video games and the affect they can have on mental health. We pet dogs and chat about Voyage to the Stars. 

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Recommendation was The Dollop

Aug 8, 2019

Tybee Diskin (@hellotybeeren) joined the boys on their road trip to chat about inner children, motorcycle rides, and pointless bean stories...

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Aug 1, 2019

Simone de Rochefort (@doomquasar) joins the boys this week as they return to form. Songs are sung, Chris delivers a harrowing Disney tale, and the gang discusses the translations of a removed Lion King song...

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Recommendation was Ephemeral.