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Is This Adulting?

Oct 31, 2019

Courtney Enlow (@courtenlow) of SYFY WIRE FANGRRLS, Strong Female Characters and Trends Like These joins Steven this week. Both of their brains are massive garbage fires. Watch as they talk about baby beverages, Courtney's mental health journey, and things they missed. No one missed Star Wars though......

Oct 24, 2019

TW: Self-Harm and Suicide Discussion (during the main topic)

Steven Pacheco (@TraceEvPod) joins Steven this week to chat about the severity that depression can often reach. A new superhero is born, feelings are felt, and a hellish cereal drink comes on the scene.

Music By The Collection

Oct 10, 2019

Sarah Werner joins the boys this week. The trio of "-andy"s is born, we have an extended mental health check in, and Sarah introduces us to her terrifying fiction in a new game! 

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Recommendation:Creepy: A Horror Podcast

Oct 3, 2019

Steve Berg (@Bergmaster5000) from Voyage to the Stars and other things you love like The Good Place joins the boys this week. They chat imposter syndrome, water butlers, and electric sisters...

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Recommendation: The Clearing