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Is This Adulting?

Feb 27, 2020

Chris Demarais (@ChrisDemarais) joins the show this week! The chat Good Morning From Hell, panic attacks, spanking podcasts, and ice cream love.

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Feb 20, 2020

Is This Adulting is BACK for a season two, if you will. And think, it only took us 3 years to get there... Chris and Steven are joined by production manager and wonderful friend Lauren Vogel to talk about new formats, how they have been, and write a new song!

Music by the Collection

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Feb 14, 2020

NSFW-While the boys have been on hiatus, they have been having a load of fun over on patreon. This is a preview of some of that good, delicious content. Hey, don't listen to this with your kids. Duh.

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Feb 14, 2020

Hey... Where is that pesky episode? Lauren? Lauren, can you tell the lovely people what's up?